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Rex Fogt

 Rex Fogt’s stylized yet functional ceramic forms have been delighting art lovers for the past 30 years. The sleek, iridescent glazes play on the organic, twisting, and sometimes-floral forms which appeal to a large audience. Rex says of his work, "I feel my work has come full circle since I first began with clay in the early 70’s. My work is both sculptural and decorative, but also very functional. I consider myself a traditionalist in dealing with clay and glazes, and a partial formalist in concept. I concentrate on shapes, form, function, color, movement, and rhythm."

Participating in over twenty shows in the last two years, Rex’s impressive exhibition list bears witness to his devotion and skill in his craft. He is a member of the American Craft Council and the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. He is a delegate to the Toledo Federation of Art Societies and is also a full-time Professor of Art in Ceramics at the University of Toledo.