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Wall to Wall: An exhibition of sculpture at Flatlanders Sculpture Galleries

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Shawn Morin

"In more recent years my interest in architecture seems to parallel my history with the figure, and along with my conversion to Christianity, this work attends to the mind, body and spirit." - Shawn Morin. Shawn is a professor at the School of Art at Bowling Green State University

Sharron Que

"Sometimes you see something so profound and powerfull it hits your body and mind in just the right way. You can rarely own this object or experience. So as a sculptor I try to recreate aspects of this experience, re-appropriating what was seen. Faith is the antithesis of proof."- Sharon Que

Sandy Zenisek

"Breathe, eat, sleep, make art....." -Sandy Zenisek 
Todd Erikson

"This body of work seeks to convey motion, mobility and transformation as metaphors for spiritual evolution. The sculpture suggests shelters that are capable of movement not unlike wigwams or travel trailers utilized by nomadic cultures."-Todd Erikson 
Tracey Ladd
Tom Lingeman
Tedd R. McDonah

"Both of these works draw from traditional blacksmithing techniques and found objects of industrial quality with the intent of making so-called "domesticated" sculptural objects. In this case IÕm striving for a balance between functionality & sculptural integrity." - Tedd McDonah

 Tad McKillop

"The inspiration for this sculpture comes from Greek myth. There is a river in the underworld called Lethe (oblivion) all who drink from this river forget everything. This sculpture is my attempt at making a rivergod for this particular river." - Tad McKillop

Todd Mitchell

"Time, specific location, and an individual's self-imposed direction have been the focus of my work for the past several years."-Todd Mitchell

Tom Phardel

Tom Rudd