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 Meighen Jackson

The recent paintings by Meighen Jackson in "Leaping Lilies" are energetic, bright, and definitely bold. These large-scale images of lilies are assembled in collage fashion on a linen support, giving the works multiple layers of depth. The abstracted flowers form a medley of color, line, and texture.

The paintings begin with rapid gesture drawings made with Chinese brush and ink. This gestural line both outlines and energizes the shape. Next, the objects are torn out and glued onto linen canvas along with fragments of previous drawings, dry pigment, oil stick, and/or abstract shapes of Thai rice paper, translucent drafting papers, and newsprint.

Layer upon later of simple images create a complex and revolving universe, just as our own daily activities- piled on top of the other- create the pattern of our lives. The pieces here all begin in the natural world- lilies and hostas, milkweed pods and leaves, ferns and branches. Seen through the lens of abstraction, these simple shapes express the rhythm and energy of that world.