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Robert Bielat

Robert Bielat has been a fixture of the art community for over three decades. This prolific artist’s work boldly combines new and found objects such as metal screen, rusty wire, and river rocks with molten aluminum in a process called “bimetal casting”.

Bimetal casting is a direct casting process which utilizes the combination of aluminum and steel with immediate results. Molten aluminum is poured into Styrofoam and steel which has been buried in a mixture of fire clay and play sand. This process is similar to the “lost-wax” bronze casting technique in that the Styrofoam is consumed and replaced by the molten metal which then fills the cavity left by the Styrofoam. Each resulting piece is unique and speaks directly to the audience through carefully chosen presentation and materials, thus engaging all of the viewer’s senses.

Since receiving a Master of Arts degree from Wayne State University in 1976, Bielat has exhibited extensively throughout Michigan including the Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Scarab Gallery, CADE Gallery, Focus Gallery, and the Michigan Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. He has received numerous awards in these exhibitions and recognition in the Detroit Free Press, New Art Examiner, The Detroit News, and The Ann Arbor News