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Tony Frudakis

 As the Associate Professor of Fine Arts for Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI, Tony Frudakis continues to ascend in the world of figurative sculpture. Tony has exhibited his work in places such as New York, Michigan and South Carolina and continues to receive countless awards and commissions for his sculptural studies in the figure.

Tony says of his work: "Since my days as an art student, I've felt that knowledge is not a thing to be feared but rather opens the doors of creativity by increasing artistic range, and that striving for the beautiful is an elevating experience requiring a profoundly honest search."

"The sculpture in this exhibit reflects a variety of themes and spans roughly the last ten years of my studio life. One of the uniting elements that runs through the various pieces is an approach to form that is inspired by my early training with my father carving stone. This carving experience helped to instill in me a love for pure shape that is so beautifully illustrated in ancient Greek sculpture. Not surprisingly, the Greek sculpture of the Classical and Hellenistic periods has had a profound influence on my work and continue to challenge and amaze me."