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Wall to Wall: An exhibition of sculpture at Flatlanders Sculpture Galleries

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 Anthony Frudakis

"Striving for the beautiful is an elevating experience requiring a profoundly honest search." – Anthony Frudakis

 Al Hebert

"The contrast of personal/societal evolution from metaphorical
darkness to an idealized or perfected state, through the mediating
plane of worldly existence." – Al Hebert

 Andrei Rabodzeenko

"In my art, I am an explorer, a psychologist, an anthropologist, historian, designer, architect, philosopher and dreamer." – Andrei Rabodzeenk

 Albert Young

"My work is primarily the product of a decaying urban landscape, but shares a great deal of its energy & beauty with many elements found in the wilderness." - Albert Young

 Bob Huff
 Barbara Miner

 Casey Bell

" The neutral & natural beauty of Indiana limestone is in complete harmony with the natural world. Many of my pieces depict & represent nature." - Casey Bell

 Chido Johnson
 Charles McGee