Art Galleries

Flatlanders Art Galleries proudly presents The Fall Exhibition with solo exhibits by Ruth Foote, Philip Hazard, Shelley Newman-Stevens and Mike Sohikian. The Fall Bash: Reception for the Artist will be Saturday, September 20th from 7:00 to 11:00 pm and will feature live music by The Ogres and magic by Martin Jarret  with adult refreshments to be provided. This exhibit is free of charge and will be open to the public from August 24th through November 1st, 2008.

 Ruth Foote-“Left Behind” was inspired by the purchase of a building in Toledo that she planned to use as a studio and residence.  The intention was for the building to offer space to create artwork, but as is often the case, the building became an art project itself.  A fan of film as the basis for image capture, Ruth went all-digital to create straight images that are a bit different than her usual style.  This project continues to grow as more “left behind” items are discovered.
Philip Hazard- “The objects in my paintings are intended to become universal, timeless and iconic images.  My prints and paintings attempt to evoke a response and interpretation from the viewer with regard to my various ironic, melancholy or enigmatic content.  My goal is to reflect a universal narrative taken from my personal life experience and a tiny bit of the human condition”.
Shelley Newman-Stevens- “…For me, art is not the object itself…the painting or drawing, the photograph or sculpture.  Nor is art the act or the process of creating the object.  True art, in my opinion, is that indefinable phenomenon which occupies the space between the object and the viewer; the wordless dialogue which takes place when certain feelings are evoked, when questions are raised and the answers are not easy.  If space between the object and the viewer is empty and silent, does art exist?”
Mike Sohikian- quotes Georgia O’Keefe by saying that … “ I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way – things I had no words for.”