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Four Columns and an Arch: Ken Thompson has created five new sculptures solely intended for a 'clean sheet of paper' series...

Jim Lutomski"s Colorado or Bust!
Assortment of clay work from the past 40+years
vases-mugs-pots-kettles-abstract forms

Special Guest: Steve Athanas and his miscellaneous, slightly skewed, always fun, ramblings

Past Art Exhibits

McCafferty Rudd Gallery: a permanent home for the artworks, paintings, color reduction prints and sculpture of Margo McCafferty and Tom Rudd

the final paintings of Michael Joseph

unripened & out of season

The Graphic Universe of Craig Fisher

Landscapes: Dreams & Themes of Jan Fox

Organic Bronze by Glenn Zweygardt


[June 14th - September 8th, 2012]

The Slippery Weasels

Intake + Output

Senior Exhibition of Adrian College

[September 17th-November 20th, 2011]

Pressing Current Boundaries, Toledo to Detroit and Castles for the New Economy

[June 18th - September 7th, 2011]

At the Speed of Art 2

[January 14th - May 8th, 2011]

A Matter of Touch

[November 12th - January 9th, 2011]

The Solo Exhibition of Saul Rubenstein

[November 12th - January 9th, 2011]

A Holiday Without Art Would Be Stupid

[September 12th - November 7th, 2010 ]

Solo Exhibit of Mark Beltchenko, Bill Jackson and Ivan Kende

[ June 11th-August 29th, 2010 ]

AT THE SPEED OF ART: A Celebration of Motor Vehicles

[ January 17th-April 25th, 2010 ]


[ January 17th-April 25th, 2010 ]

Leslie Adams-recent work

[ January 17th - April 3rd, 2010 ]

with technical assistance


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Past Art Exhibits continued

[September 19th - November 15th, 2009]

Feed the Soul

[ April 28th - September 6th, 2009]

[ January 25th - April 17th, 2009]

Adrian College, Albion College, Alma College and Olivet College

[November 21st- January 3rd, 2009]

2008 Holiday Show featuring:


[August 24th-November 8th, 2008]

4 distinct solo exhibits featuring:

[June 15-August 17, 2008]

Seven Solo Exhibitions

[ April 4-May 25, 2008]

Three Alums of the University of Toledo

[ February 20-March 30th, 2008 ]

Three Solo Exhibitions

[ January 4-February 17, 2008 ]


[ November 14-December 24, 2007 ]

Buy Art for the Holidays

[ October 14 - November 11, 2007 ]

5 Tough Broads

[ August 30 - September 29, 2007 ]

The Many Faces of Mud

[ June 19- August 24th, 2007 ]
A Summer Series

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