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While supplies last...

  • Virginia Soap Stone $1.70 per pound
    Western Grey Alabaster $1.70 per pound
    Western Pink Alabaster $1.70 per pound
  • Italian White Marble $1.25 per pound
  • Limestone $.50 per pound

Did you know that at Flatlanders we have the capability to build your sculpture...

Sculpture Services:

  • Welding and Fabricating
  • CNC Plasma Cutting
  • CNC Laser
  • CNC Router
  • Foundry Services
  • Stone Carving
  • Sculpture Installation
  • Sculpture Base and Mounting
  • 3D Printing

Scrap Limestone Sale

What is scrap to us, maybe big use able pieces to you!
Pallets of Indiana Buff Limestone
$50.00 per pallet, weight 1500lbs +/-

Available for pick up at Flatlanders or shipping can be arranged at your request and expense, 517-486-4591. Call Ken directly, this sale is NOT available through our on-line store.


the post office said they would ship 70lbs anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii!!!! [compare rates to see your savings]

Track the Flatlanders' art building projects:

The Gateway Project

Tecumseh High School

Sandboxes for Montessori Children's House of Lenawee

"There Are No Short Cuts To Anyplace Worth Going." Beverly Sills, opera singer

The "new front door" to Jackson College

Glass Project, artist Paul Housberg

Michigan State University's, Bio Engineering Building

Sullivan's Entry Gate

When completed, the gate will stand 12 ft high in the center and 30 ft long, it is intended for both center panels to open by hinges.

The Illustrated Facts of Global Warning: Sunk

Restoration project...
"Watching for the Wind"

Untitled Resident Ken Thompson

Saline Library's Wild Bird Discovery

"I like birds because they fly real high. Birds make nests in the tree outside my window. Sometimes birds poop on my Papa's Porsche. He screams and washes it off. I really like blue ice cream better than birds."
- Ivy Rosemary, age 3. (grand daughter of Ken Thompson)


Sycamore Arch

A funny thing happened on the way to the install...


Sculpture with a Purpose


Column, Block and Base 2

Krutch Park, Knoxville, TN

Additional Projects
Track the progress of projects built by the Flatlanders team of sculptors.


Last Update: November 24, 2020




"2020 And The Challenge To Create",
An Online Exhibit

Curated by Steven J. Athanas
Virtual exhibit opens July 10

Phase 1/4 published July 10
Phase 2/4 published July 17
Phase 3/4 to be published July 24
Phase 4/4 to be published July 30



Jan 7-March 28, 2020

Opening reception with the artist

Sunday, Jan 12, 1-3pm


Four Columns and an Arch: Ken Thompson has created five new sculptures solely intended for a 'clean sheet of paper' series...

Jim Lutomski"s Colorado or Bust!
Assortment of clay work from the past 40+years
vases-mugs-pots-kettles-abstract forms

Special Guest: Steve Athanas and his miscellaneous, slightly skewed, always fun, ramblings.

McCafferty Rudd Gallery: a permanent home for the artworks, paintings, color reduction prints and sculpture of Margo McCafferty and Tom Rudd

Root Tables by resident artist Ken Thompson

Threadlines, a solo exhibition of fabric artist Dolores S. Slowinski.

Inner Landscape, a solo exhibiton of ceramics and paintings by sculptor Mark Chatterley.

Kees Ouwens of Shikoku Japan is Flatlanders' visiting artist.